Soccer Asia Group (Soccer Asia) is a boutique marketing agency based in Hong Kong, with an international network of dedicated experts focus in soccer and entertainment. We make meaningful connections between people and brands through innovation, creativity and dedication. We believe in the power of passion in soccer, using our specialist knowledge and global insights to develop partnerships for brands and rights holders. Soccer Asia is proud to have worked with some of the top football clubs and currently manages a number of top European football clubs, players and legends with social channels in Asia especially Greater China.

足球亚洲集团(足球亚洲) 是一家总部位于香港的精品营销公司,拥有专注于足球和娱乐的国际专家网络。我们通过创新,创造力和奉献精神在人与品牌之间建立有意义的联系。我们相信足球激情的力量,利用我们的专业知识和全球见解为品牌和权利持有者建立合作伙伴关系。亚洲足球很荣幸能与一些顶级足球俱乐部合作,并且目前通过亚洲,尤其是大中华地区的社交渠道管理着许多欧洲顶级足球俱乐部,球员和传奇人物。